Vlogging And Kim Dao: A Match Made In Social Media Heaven

Every time that we need new information, we can simply look at it with the tip of our fingers. We already have the internet, which makes everyone’s life easier: you can do research, download songs and games, even reconnect to your loved ones and friends and colleagues, and even to voice out your opinions, experience and even do tutorials. You can simply connect to other people now, either through blogs, video blogs or vlogs and even social media accounts.

Everyone can simply share their thoughts and knowledge online, but not everyone can convince people to use the things that you feature or visit the places where you have been. There are some people who have the talent to influence their audience, making them buy the featured beauty products or go to places that were shown on the internet. One of the lucky people who has this skill is Kim Dao.

Kim Dao and Vlogging

Kim Dao is a beauty guru and travel geek who loves to tour around the world and even do makeup tutorials. She admitted that she really loves traveling, especially going to Japan, and also loves makeup. She does lots of vlogs in her YouTube account. Just look for Kim Dao vlog.

She loves to share her journey in different places in the globe, and she even shares her personal journey like her engagement and her birthday. She feels so comfortable in front of the camera.

With her various vlogs online, she received the award on PretAirporter’s Travel Blog. This award gives recognition to the bloggers who have the best posts when it comes to travel, shopping, and beauty. And being a recipient of this award marks Kim Dao as a goddess in social media, with lots of followers and lots of lives being changed through her tutorials and videos.