Don’t Want A Full Paintball Mask? The Venue May Require One Anyway

What is a mask and why do you need it?
A paintball mask is a safety gear that will protect your head and eyes for possible injuries during a paintball session. Some may not want to wear one as some may view them as an inconvenience, however venues require wearing the safety so that the players’ safety will be ensured.

Here are some reasons why you are required to use a mask:

  • The lens of the mask will protect your face and eyes. Although paintball can be considered as a safe game, you may get injured if you remove your safety gears. Serious injuries can be acquired when you remove your mask.
  • The vents of the mask will prevent fogging, thus you do not have to worry on having your view or eyesight obstructed from your lens being fogged. Furthermore the vent of the mask makes it easier to breathe.
  • The foam inside the mask will help with your comfort. The foam will prevent you from feeling most of the impact that is caused by the paintballs. Thus the foam does not only keep you comfortable but it also helps with your safety.
  • The visors will keep the sun from getting into your eyes. The visor will with your vision as it will protect your eyes from the sun thus you will not have to worry from getting obstructed by the sunlight.
  • The chinstrap will keep the mask on your head. If your mask get removed in the middle of the game it can get pretty dangerous for you, chinstraps keep your mask intact to your head.
  • The mask will keep your ears safe, getting hit in then ears can be plenty of painful without the mask. It can cause serious injuries to your ears, that mask will keep any paint from getting into your ears.