Are Kim Dao’s Blogs A Hobby Or Her Job?

Everyone dreams of having a job that they actually enjoy. Of course, it should come with a good pay for them to actually enjoy it. While many people claim that they do enjoy their jobs, they still call it a job. People who actually enjoy their jobs to the fullest call it their hobbies and this is definitely the best thing that one can hope for. There are very few people in the world who can actually consider their hobbies as their jobs. Enjoying their jobs means that they do not really consider it very taxing or tiring because they can enjoy it to the fullest.

Kim Dao
Kim Dao is one of the few people who consider their hobbies as their jobs. She is a blogger and a vlogger in many different sites. Many people also want the same thing for themselves especially the women who actually follow Kim on her blogs and social media accounts. Many people follow her YouTube accounts because there are so many topics that are being discussed there. The public favorite is definitely Kim Dao’s travels all over Japan and other places. The best thing about her travels is that she is also discussing things that tourists don’t normally know.

Her Popularity
Kim’s popularity all over the internet is definitely one of the reasons why she is earning a lot of money. Advertisements from so many internet businesses are flooding Kim’s webpages. We have to understand that this is the way to actually earn money from blogging and vlogging. There is also the payment from YouTube where you will be paid if you reach a certain amount of views. This is not a problem for Kim Dao since her videos are very highly anticipated by the fans. This means that she is earning a lot of money.